What are the Rules for Playing Point Snooker?

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Point Snooker is a variant of the Snooker game that is played on a rectangular table with six pockets where the balls are destined to be pocketed with a cue stick. The game Point Snooker almost follows all the rules of the traditional Snooker game but varies slightly when it comes to scoring points. Being a hyper-casual game, the game is played with a competitive spirit to score more points. The game is all about pocketing the balls given on the snooker table.

In Point Snooker, 15 balls will be given for the user to play with. A cue ball and a cue stick will be given to pocket the different coloured balls on the table. With the break-shot, the player can start gaming. A power bar will be given on the left side of the table to adjust the power of the cue stick and a target bar is given on the right side of the table to target the balls with the cue ball. Adjust the target bar properly and aim the ball you want to shoot. Then pull down the power bar to strike the ball into the pocket. The game is also time-limited and is an online multiplayer game. 

Even though the game is a board game, it is considered among the hyper-casual games due to its amazing yet simple gameplay and the time limit.

The aim of the game is to score points by potting the balls into the pockets of the snooker table that is given on corners. In the traditional Snooker game, the player should break the balls given on the table and then pocket the balls that are assigned to them. Completing those balls will lead them to win the game. But in Point Snooker, a set of 15 balls will be given to each player. They can pot any of those balls and score points. Potting a single ball will give them 5 points. Also, if you accidentally pot the cue ball, it will be considered a foul and 5 points will be deducted. 

Consistently pocketing 5 balls will help the user earn a multiplier that doubles the score when pocketing the next ball. If fails to pocket the next ball, then it will go back to normal 5 points. If the user pocket the complete set of balls in between the time, another set of balls will be given to them. The one who scores the maximum within the given time will win the game. So, the game Point Snooker is all about pocketing the balls. The only way to score high on Point Snooker is to consecutively pocket the balls. Acquiring the multipliers in the game will help you score more to win money.

In Point Snooker, real cash games and free online games are available for users. The free games will help beginners to get familiarize themselves with the game. They can practice well with the free games and then go on with the real money games to earn money. 

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