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UFO Games is one of the best online multiplayer gaming platforms offering a wide variety of free games, real cash games, and fantasy games in a single space. Those games include hyper-casual games (Fruit Cut, Finding Moji, Bottle Shooter, Pro Cricket, Snake N Balls, 3D Mine Runner, Archery 3D, and Kick Master), board games (Carroms, Point Carrom, Point Snooker, Chess, Snake & Ladder), and puzzle games (Sudoku and Fruit Sudoku). 

The application always values the users more and hence offers many rewards and prizes for them while playing each of their favourite games. Let’s discuss some of those reward programs in UFO Games.

Referral Program
The first is the referral program offered in the app. Any user can refer the gaming platform to their friends, family, or others and make it familiar to other people. Then the application will give the user a referral bonus of up to ₹50000 each month. Once the referee installs the app and makes their first investment in the app, the referrer will get rewarded with bonus points. Then the users of higher bonus points from each month will be rewarded with cash prizes. The first 100 users in the leaderboard will get rewarded.

Flash League
Along with the referral program, another feature the app provides is Flash League. Flash League is all about real money earning games. There are many online cash winning games in the app. The user can play any of those games in the app. Spending money for each game will convert into flash points after the completion of the game. Winning or losing the game doesn’t matter here. Either win or lose, the money invested in each game directly turns into flash points and a leaderboard is set for them for each month. The one who comes top on the leaderboard will get ₹2500 and a total of ₹15000 will be given in total to the first 100 players. Here, the user gets the chance to win flash league money along with the winning money of each game.

Free Games
The last but not least, the UFO Gaming application offers Free Online Games for the users. The user can play many games for free but a chance to win real money. Multiplayer free game contests will be open for each user. The user can play those games and then win money rewards. Unlike the other games, the top three players will win money rewards here in UFO Free Games. So, a player can play games here without any investment. 

With all these ways, UFO Games proves to be one of the best online gaming platforms for all. By offering a wide range of games like Chess, Sudoku, Point Snooker, Fruit Cut, Finding Moji, Bottle Shooter, and others, everyone can have a game of their expertise here. Playing all these games will somehow help them win rewards. If you are being an ardent game lover, then this will be your perfect place to play games and win money.

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