Like Pool, the best board game of all time, Point Snooker is an exciting shot game played on a billiard table with 6 pockets, a cue stick, a cue ball, and fifteen object balls numbered from one to fifteen. In Point Snooker, the player should pot each ball to the pockets to score points. Like Pool, there are no variants of balls in Point Snooker. After the balls are scattered with a break-shot, the player can aim any ball to the pockets. The one who gets the maximum points will win the game.

Point Snooker in UFO     

           Point Snooker is a two-player shot game in UFO. It is usually played on a Pool Table with a cue stick, a cue ball, and other 15 balls. The main objective of the Point Snooker is to pocket the given 15 balls in a given time. The player is given a total of 3 minutes to complete the game. While starting playing, the user will enter into a pool table and randomly connect to a player. Once entering the game, the user should pot the given 15 balls into the pockets within 3 minutes time. If the player completes pocketing the balls, they will get another set of 15 balls to continue the game till the time ends.

Pocketing a ball will get 5 points to the player. Potting 5 balls consecutively will get the user a point multiplier. The first multiplier is 2x and later gets increased by 1x. The same will continue till the user fails to pocket a ball. If the player couldn’t pot the ball in a turn, then once again it starts with 5 points for each ball. If the user accidentally pots the cue ball to the pocket, it will be considered a foul, and 5 points will be deducted. Also, the foul will cause losing the multiplier.

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·        To play Point Snooker, download snooker game free from the UFO website, www.ufogamesindia.com. Install the app by registering with your mobile number and other details. Add money to your wallet by different payment methods offered on the platform. You can find different games in the app.

·        Select the Point Snooker game from the app. You can find several contests on the platform with different entry fees. Select your contest from the list and start gaming.

·        Point Snooker is a two-player game and your opponent will be connected randomly to the pool at the same time or later.

·        After entering the game, a total of 15 balls are given on the table with the cue ball to strike.

·        The player should pocket all the balls and 5 points are assigned to each ball.

·        Potting 5 balls consecutively will get you a point multiplier.

·        The First multiplier being 2x, later getting increased by 1x for potting 5 balls consecutively.

·        If the player couldn’t pot a ball in their turn, the multiplier will be reset to 1x.

·        The player can drag the cue stick in a circular direction to aim at the ball.

·        The player cannot move the cue ball of their choice.

·        If the player makes a foul move (pocketing the cue ball), 5 points will be deducted and the cue ball will be given back to the center position along with losing the multiplier.

·        There will be a power-bar at the side of the table to control the force of the cue stick

·        Pull down the power-bar to release the cue stick and take a shot.

·        Once complete pocketing the balls, another set of balls will be given to the user to continue the game till the time ends.

·        The player who scores the maximum will win the game.

·        Play Snooker with friends online and win money.


The Foul in Point Snooker is when potting the cue ball to the pocket.


What will happen if the cue ball is pocketed?

If you pot a cue ball, it will be considered foul and you will lose the multiplier.

How can I score high in Point Snooker?

You should pocket the balls consecutively to score high without missing a turn.

What will happen if the player completes pocketing the balls before 3 minutes?

If the player completes pocketing the first set of 15 balls, another set of balls will be given to play

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