3D Mine Runner

3D Mine Runner is a never-ending running video game where the player should run through different terrains faster collecting coins to score points. The main objective of the user is to cover a maximum distance along with collecting coins. By avoiding the obstacles and staying ahead of the monster chasing them, the player can win the game.

3D Mine Runner in UFO

3D Mine Runner in UFO is a thrilling running game engaging the player completely in the game enthusiastically. Running through the terrains for 3 minutes, collecting the coins just by avoiding obstacles, anyone can be a super 3D Mine Runner. This is one of the best games to play online and the game is completely about the user’s quick reaction skills as the player should focus completely on the screen to avoid obstacles while running. 4 different terrains are given to the player to run with, Snow, Village, Forest, and Desert.

The main goal of the player is to run as far as they can and score as many points as possible. Covering more distance will give the player more points. For every meter you run, you will get points.

You can also collect coins that are scattered around the terrain to get an additional 1 point per coin. The more coins you collect, the higher your score will be.

But there are obstacles like pillars, broken bridges, trees, rocks, fire, TNT boxes, wood, and many others you need to avoid while running. If you hit your head on an obstacle while running, the game ends. So, make sure you jump over them or slide under them to continue running.

Also, when you accidentally hit an obstacle sideways, a zombie will start chasing you as you continue running. You can try to shake off the zombie by running faster, but if you hit another obstacle while the zombie is behind you, the game will end.

Be alert and keep running while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles.

Just swipe upwards to jump over an obstacle and back swipe when you need to slide under the obstacles.

Also, magnets are given along the way that will help you collect the coins when you are nearby.

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You can play 3D Mine Runner in UFO just by downloading the app from our website www.ufogamesindia.com. Then register with your mobile number to install the app and play online earning games.

  • There are multiple payment options in UFO to add cash to your account. Try UPI, Net Banking, and Cards to add cash, and then pick your choices of games to play.
  • While you enter the game, you will be connected to a random player to continue the game. 
  • A total of 3 minutes is given to complete the game.
  • You will be seen running through the terrains with a zombie following you.
  • There will be many obstacles along the way and you should avoid the obstacles by jumping or moving sides.
  • There will be coins spotted along the way. Collect as many coins to score points.
  • The more way you travel, the more you get points.
  • There will be magnets along the way. Collecting magnets will help you attract the coins and collect them when you are nearby.
  • You can swipe up to jump off the obstacles.
  • You can back-swipe to slide under the obstacles.
  • Your speed will increase with the distance travelled.
  • The scoreboard will be given on top of the screen. The one who is collecting the maximum points within the given time will win the game.

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·   Collecting 1 gold coin will give you 1 point

·   You will get 10 points for every meter you cross.


·   The game is over when you hit any obstacle on the way

·   The game is over after 3 minutes of time

·   The game is over when the zombie catches you

3D Mine Runner F & Q

How can I score high in 3D Mine Runner?

You can score more points in 3D Mine Runner by covering the maximum distance and collecting the maximum coins.

How many lives are available in 3D Mine Runner?

There are no lives in 3D Mine Runner. Once the player hits an object or is cached by the zombie, the game ends.

Are practice games available in 3D Mine Runner?

Yes, practice games are available for 3D Mine Runner in UFO.

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