Snake N Balls

Snake N Balls is one of the most entertaining snake games where you need to take maximum points with the snake. You can play Snake N Ball Games on UFO Games. There will be coloured balls in the middle and the points will be placed on both sides. The total scores you have will be shown on the snake. The balls in the middle carry different points, whenever the snake hits those balls, the snake loses the points equal to the number shown in the ball. Be cautious of the time, the green bar at the top represents the time left to you. If you hit the green balls, the number of points lost will be less; if it's yellow, you will lose more points. Red balls will reduce your points to zero and the game will be over if you accidentally hit a red ball. 

The colour of the balls in the middle will be based on the score you have. If your score is less, then most of the balls will be yellow and red in colour. If you have more points, you will see a lot of green balls. Be cautious of the obstacles on both sides, and make sure to evade them by shifting sides of the snake. 

This is one of the best hyper casual games that are also skill-based as well. You can start playing the game by downloading Snake N Balls from www.ufogamesindia.com

The player will be matched with another random player after submitting the entry fee. You have to use your quick reaction skills to win maximum points and win the game.  

This is one of the best hypercasual games in India. The game is built in a way that it gives unlimited entertainment without much effort. The game has been successful in keeping the user engaged with the simple actions in the game. There is nothing sophisticated in the game, the game can be enjoyed by anyone without any effort.

How to play

  • The snake has to score the maximum number of points to win the game.
  • There will be obstacles on both sides and not evading them would lead to losing the game.
  • There will be coloured balls in the middle, hitting each ball would lead to losing a particular number of points.
  • Each coloured ball carries different points.
  • Green balls carry fewer points; hitting green balls would only reduce the least number of points from us.
  • Yellow balls are risky as they carry higher points; hitting yellow balls will cost us more points from our snake.
  • Hitting the red balls will completely finish your score.
  • The points you have at your disposal determine the colour of the balls present in the middle.
  • The duration of the game is 3 minutes.

Tips to Play

  • Score the maximum number of points with your snake.
  • Try to maintain a high number of points.
  • Avoid hitting yellow balls.
  • Never hit the red ball.
  • Evade all the obstacles that come your way.

Game End

  • The game will be over when you hit the obstacle on the way.
  • The game will end when you hit the red ball.
  • The game will end after 3 minutes.

Snake N Balls F & Q

How do you score more points in Snake N Balls?

Take a maximum number of points and try to avoid yellow balls and green balls with high numbers marked on them.

How does the game Snake N Balls end?

The game ends when the time limit of 3 minutes is over. If you hit any obstacles or red balls, that will also lead to the ending of the game.

Is it possible to earn rewards in Snake N Balls?

Yes, if you score more points than your opponents then you can definitely earn rewards.

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